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Since the accidental death of her parents, fifteen year old Katie lives with her uncle Roy and her Granny on the island of St Jeremy. It is a place of peace and boredom until Katie receives a mysterious parcel on her birthday which changes her life completely. And then, when a crime takes place on the island, Katie takes up the challenge. She gets help and support from her inimitable friends.

Novel – 12 years and up

Published by SchneiderBuch, München

*Cover: German edition

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Mossy (alias Houbytška) said:

This is one of the best books I've read... Really good...!
By the way, why is the eye on the cover of the book green, when her eyes turned copper-ginger sort of colour?

Hanka said:

I love that book. It is my favorite. And I would be very pleased, if komics Katie Cat will be in czech.

Kirhan said:

I'm 24 and I really like this book. Maybe I'm not thrilled but the book's easy to read and I love the characters in it (especially Laura and Ming). It was worth to read!

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