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Thanks to Columbus, the exploring-swimming-diving-driving-plane, built by aunty Urke, you explore unknown worlds with Miki, Tino-T-Rex and the talking rat Zik. To save your friend, a museum director, from an unpleasant situation, you go to ancient Egypt. You experience how make-up was done in those days, which games the children played and how bread was made. Or you dive into the ocean to uncover the secret of a treasure and you meet sharks, whales, dolphins and other inhabitants of the sea. You see how salt is obtained and you find out that even fish drink. Soon you will travel into mediaeval times and discover how princes and princesses really lived.

2 volumes so far (the 3rd is on the way), Coppenrath Münster

*Cover: German edition

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Yang said:

I bought two in Beijing . Waiting for the 3rd one.

Marie-Claire said:

Hi, im Marie-Clair!Im from Bulgaria and I find Thomas Brezina very nice!
This book is super!

Jané said:

I find this book ist average!
But thomas write very good books!

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