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NO BOYS! – Witches only


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NO BOYS! – Witches only

Lissi and Tinka are two girls who couldn’t be more different. While Lissi goes through life being cheeky, snappy and a bit chaotic, Tinka is tidy, dutiful and a bit fearful. As they become stepsisters through the marriage of their single parents it is indeed a rough ride, but in the end they become an excellent team which proves itself brilliantly. One day they meet a strange old lady. In her will she leaves them her magical powers, her house and her invisible tomcat Cosimo. From now on their lives are a wild roller-coaster ride through hair-raising and bizarre adventures. However, everyday problems can not be solved by witchcraft, which just leaves tolerance, respect and understanding …

Girls/Magic – 9 years and up

15 volumes so far, 1 special edition (SchneiderBuch, München), currently translated into 13 languages

*Cover: German edition

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Selena100001 said:

I Like No Jungs-Books!!!
my favourite caracter is Tinka.

Annamaria said:

HI! I am Annamaria, I from Slovakia.I´m 12 years old. I very very like your books. My favourite books from you are all books No Jungs! I write a stories. I would like to be a writer. Bye Thomas :)

Selma said:

I don't read this book but I thing It's interesting!

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Thomas Brezina - NO BOYS! – Witches only