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The three friends, Vanessa, Krissi and Bix have a big secret: They secretly carry out a fight against an evil which is threatening to spread throughout the town. The head is Alexa the toad who detects the true character of the inhabitants with her x-ray vision. At the same time the friends are dealing with their everyday problems: Puberty, family arguments, unhappiness with their appearance, feeling misunderstood … They communicate with each other using constantly changing cryptographs. These can be decrypted with the attached decoders and you can also use them yourself.

Girls/Horror – 8 to 12 years

23 volumes so far, 2 special editions (Ravensburger Buchverlag), currently translated into 5 languages

*Cover: German edition

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Linda said:

Hi every body!I come from CHINA.I like Thomas Brezina and his books.我最喜欢他的[冒险小虎队]。

Plamena said:

I am from Bulgaria too. These books are awesome! I've got 20 out of 22/23 (are they 22 or 23?). My favourite character is Krissy. ♥♥♥

Lorra said:

these are the best books thst i have ever rode

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