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The four friends Axel, Lilo, Poppi and Dominik, the Knickerbocker Gang, are needed around the world: In Austria they chase a snow monster, in Turkey they win the fight against the Zombie-sword, in China they prevent the theft of Pandas and discover a treasure. Under the leadership of Lilo, the super brain of the gang, they hold firmly together even if they sometimes disagree and that’s how they get through all their adventures.

Adventure – 8 to 12 years

65 regular volumes and 13 special editions so far (Ravensburger Buchverlag), currently translated into 18 languages, adapted for cinema and TV, audiobooks, CD-ROMs and plays.

*Cover: German edition

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Rachel Tsui said:

I'm a fan from China and I need to tell everyone that when we was about ten years old.This serie was the most famous book! I bought almost all of them. I still remeber some stories now.

Melek said:

im from turkey and im still read this series. the intresing point is that im 23 years old and im still buying these books. i have first 34 books of this series. the knickerbocker gang is one of my obsessions and i love to live with my obsession. but mr brezina, pls dont write another book for this series cause i just wanna have all of them but im 23. just finish the series pls. i wont stop myself till i finish the series but u have to undrstand, im 23 :)

Elefantine said:


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